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Katherine, family for nanny sharing in San diego 92117

the 05/06/20 : My husband and I work mostly from home now due to COVID 19 and will likely do so for the foreseeable future. We’ll be on hand to help out intermittently as needed. We would need someone who could work from 7:30-4 or so each day with major and some minor holidays off. We have an upstairs nursery or outdoor grassy park area that would need to be utilized while we are in meetings. We would also need someone who is comfortable with a very sweet and well behaved dog and wouldn’t mind taking our ba...

the 19/02/20 : I have a 7 month old daughter and am looking for a family to share a nanny.

the 26/01/20 : Have a two month old little boy and will be going back to work soon. Would love to find a family that we can share costs with, happy to host in our apartment. Looking for weekdays 8-5 pm, 3-4 days a week.

the 19/06/18 : Full time nanny share
Glenise, family for nanny sharing - 92103 San diego

the 15/09/17 : Nanny share with another family that has a nanny already, with age of child similar to mine. My daughter is 18 months old. She is bright, easy fun child.