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the 29/11/21 : Would love to find a family looking for care for their baby around similar age (2-3 mo).

the 04/10/21 : Infant child care for a 3 month old

the 08/06/21 : Hey there, our names are Jon and Kailey and just like you we are looking to share a nanny! We are expecting our first child (a baby girl) near the end of September and couldn’t be more excited. We also have two miniature dachshunds Indie and Remie. Like many people we have both been working from home during the pandemic, but it is looking like we will both be returning to work around the time that our baby is due. Jon is a software engineer at Apple in Culver City and Kailey is a Commerci...

the 14/04/21 : We’re looking to find a family and baby to share for our daughter Edda (b. July 14th 2020) starting this summer. Start date and hours flexible.

the 22/09/20 : Baby will be 10 months. Looking for a 12 to 30 month nanny share.
Erica, Looking for family to share childcare with - 90026 Los angeles

the 18/07/20 : Seeking a family near echo park that are looking to nanny share. Part time evening schedule but can be flexible If necessary

the 05/06/20 : We have a an adorable 16 month old girl and my wife and I have been taking care of here while working full time from home. We are looking for a Nanny Share to take care of her as I will have to go back into an office starting around July. She is a very sweet, playful baby who loves being active and takes a nap from 12-2 or 3 every day. Hoping to find a great nanny and another family in east LA that shares our schedule.

the 14/05/20 : We are looking for a nanny share with a family ideally in the same area as us (Fairfax), but happy to travel about 5 miles away. We have a baby boy who will be 5 months when (we hope) our offices will be back open after the lockdown. Both my husband and I work locally to our apartment, so we would need childcare from 7:45am - 6pm, Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday. Thursday we would need childcare to stay until 8pm. We're happy to host in our apartment, it's pretty large and close to Pan Pacifi...

the 20/02/20 : We'd love to find another family interested in sharing a nanny to help with costs as well as to give our daughter an opportunity to play with another child instead of being alone with a nanny all day. thanks!

the 13/02/20 : My husband and I are expecting our baby in late June 2020, and will be returning to work full-time in early September. We are looking for another family in or around Playa Vista who would like to do a nanny-share with us. We are also seeking the nanny. We are happy to host the children at our place in Playa Vista or would be willing to go to the other's house.

the 05/01/20 : Watch, feed, play with infant and place Infant to sleep.

the 17/12/19 : Beginning January 6, full time in the Mid-City, Culver City, Larchmont, or West Adams areas

the 17/12/19 : Looking to connect with one or two families to arrange a shared nanny situation for our 5 month old son, beginning January 6, 2020.

the 20/11/19 : Seeking a Nanny Share Starting January 2020
Cheryl, nanny share - 90005 Los angeles

the 27/09/19 : I am due Dec 2019 with our baby boy! I work remotely from home and ideally would be able to have a nanny share situation setup between 20-30 hours/week in or around the DTLA area. I am open to sharing location both at my home and yours. Hoping to begin childcare around February 2020. No nanny identifies as of yet
Lauren, nanny sharing in Los angeles 90041

the 15/07/19 : We're looking for a nanny and family to partner with for a nanny share near Eagle Rock, CA, to start around Feb 2020, when our daughter will be approx 4 mo (due end of September). Looking for care M-F, approx 8:30-5pm. We're hoping to use cloth diapers, so looking for a nanny who is comfortable with that plan. Also, we have a very sweet, senior cocker spaniel (named Pepper), who is great with kids. Let us know if your needs might be compatible with ours :) - Lauren and Ky

the 07/07/19 : Expecting a baby in October 2019, will need a nanny around Feb 2020. Seeking to share the cost of the nanny with another family of an infant or toddler

the 24/05/19 : Willing to host in our home. Have a solid nanny lead with a ton of experience but need a family to share her with me. Thank you

the 21/03/19 : New parents looking for child care in February or March of 2020 of a new baby girl. Looking to do nanny share as well.

the 19/01/19 : Need someone to watch full day twice a week. We are located in Downtown LA.

the 17/01/19 : We need part time help for our 2 1/2 year old son. We both work freelance, so we don't need full-time. Our two older children are in school so we would just need help with him.

the 12/12/18 : we are looking for a nanny share for our 9 month old in los feliz. we need care monday through friday 1pm - 7pm.

the 09/10/18 : I am looking for someone to care for my daughter in the mornings potentially afternoon as well. Would like her to spend time around other children. Would like to do shared childcare.

the 07/09/18 : I am a nurse and work just 3 days per week. I will be moving to the Silverlake area of Los Angeles in December and plan to start working in mid-January. My daughter will be 8 months old at that point. We’d prefer not to do daycare, particularly since we would have to pay for full-time even though we only need care 3 days/week. Looking for another family or two and a nanny to share.

the 16/08/18 : Working mom and stay at home dad with a 10 month old looking for a nanny share in Highland Park Los Angeles area. We'd like to start with one day per week to see if we're a good fit and if so possibly do two days per week. Our son is as sweet as can be and very social, hoping for a family with a kid his age so they can socialize and have fun!

the 18/07/18 : We have a wonderful nanny who we've been working with for a year and a half. Our daughter (1.5 years old) loves her so much and vice versa. The other family we've been doing the share with has their child starting preschool full time and no longer needs a nanny. So we're looking for another family to take their place. We're ideally looking for a family located in the WeHo/Mid City/ or Culver but we are open to other surrounding areas. Our nanny currently works from 9am-5:30pm M-F. Lookin...

the 14/06/18 : I'm expecting our first child in late September with plans to return to work at the beginning of January. I'd love to find a family to share a nanny with! Thank you, Meredith

the 07/06/18 : Need nanny share to keep costs down with our baby

the 17/04/18 : We have an incredible nanny that we currently share with another family. The other family is leaving the share and we are looking for a replacement. Monday - Friday, 8:30-5:30.

the 10/04/18 : I have a great nanny and a 3 month old - I will be returning to work but really want to split the cost of childcare with another family. My work is flexible but does require concentration - so i do need a nanny but i could do one of two arrangements. 1. I could share our nanny in a 40 hr. work week to have full coverage and split cost. I am happy to host. or 2. i could also probably get my work done (most weeks) if i had our nanny 3 days/week. If someone just needed 2 days a week, I c...