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the 10/01/22 : I am looking for a person who with love towards children in order to take good care of my children
La'dawn Nicole, is looking for child-carer - 77031 Houston

the 19/08/21 : I am a Flex Security officer so my days during the week vary but they will always be overnight shifts. Currently I am working Mon-Wed from 10:30p-5:00a. I also have a permanent shift that I work on Saturday and Sunday from 7:00a-7:00p.

the 02/08/20 : Tener experiencia y paciencia para los niños

the 28/12/19 : Que sea responsable, y que pueda manejar, para recoger los niños de la escuela..area 77075, y muy buena persona..y que no le moleste trabajar bajo de supervision de camaras.

the 28/12/19 : Que me pueda recoger los niños de la escuela. Responsable, y me pueda cuidar de ellos lo mas que pueda..

the 02/07/19 : Busco niñera por 6 a 7 horas al día desde la 8:30am hasta las 3.00pm Que cuide a mi niño en mi casa

the 27/03/18 : Levantar a mis niños de la escuela alas 3:15 y cuidarlos asta las 5:45

the 20/10/15 : I need someone to pick my child up at school
Brian, is looking for childcare in Houston 77018

the 09/10/15 : My wife will be going back to work on November 9th and we are looking for a nanny or nanny share for our son Theodore who will be 2 months old. The hours of care would be Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm.